Is Liposuction Effective To Remove Fat?

Is Liposuction Effective To Remove Fat?

April 8, 2019 Off By admin

Until now liposuction surgery is still a popular procedure to improve body shape. Many patients claim to be happy with what this procedure produces. However, how effective is the operation of liposuction to remove fat in the body? Are the benefits more bigger than the risk? To know about sonobello prices, you can visit our website.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery to remove fat in the body that does not disappear even after a strict diet or exercise. Usually, this operation is performed on areas prone to fat deposits such as the thighs, arms, abdomen, and hips, buttocks, or areas of the face. This operation is carried out under the supervision of a plastic surgeon and dermatologist. A plastic surgeon plays a role in aesthetic surgery and reconstruction of the body to be suctioned. While a dermatologist plays a role in the recovery process in the shape and results of the patient’s skin after surgery.

Keep in mind that liposuction surgery is not a treatment for weight loss. This procedure aims to eliminate fat that cannot be eradicated by exercise and diet. How effective this procedure is for removing fat in the body basically depends on each patient. The results of this procedure will not immediately produce a fantastic and instant change. Even you need a strict diet to see maximum results for several months. Fat cells in your body will be permanently removed during the procedure. However, you can experience weight gain with the growth of new fat cells. If you gain weight after surgery, potentially high fat can appear in new and unexpected places.

Usually, this is because you are not committed to living a healthy lifestyle, thus triggering a new buildup of fat in the body. That is why it is important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that the results of this operation are more optimal. Consume foods with balanced nutrition which include carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Avoid processed food products that are high in sugar and salt. No less important, multiple exercise or physical activity.